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Iridology Test


Through the iridological examination, the Self-Thread determines which organ connected to which emotion is affected. From there, work in common can begin.


Bach Flowers



Each of the flowers observed by Dr. Bach has extraordinary virtues to transform the harmful emotions (fear, anger, frustration, shame, guilt, sadness ..) into constructive emotions (joy, peace, patience, confidence ..) This method allows clean up the terrain, access true nature, the true source of creativity, inner peace, inevitably linked to our mental, emotional, physical and mental health.

The Bio Resonnance


This method involves the work of electromagnetic frequencies. Indeed, we vibrate completely and often in an erratic way (following the accidents of life or emotional management jolting). The intervention of the Rayonex Polar 1000 device allows in a relatively short time to correct these errors and re-harmonize the way we vibrate, in order to regenerate our cells and release the energy blocked sometimes for a long time ... To test when you are ready to transform your daily life.