The Emotional Transformation

Emotions and Conflicts


In the context of conflict, couple, family, work or other the Self Line allows analysis and determination of the true emotion involved to transform. With the help of Bach Flowers, or bio resonance in a few sessions, the knots break up and the blockage leads to a constructive release.



Emotion and Family

Whether it is pregnancy, childhood, adolescence, the various stages of the adult and old age, they are all accompanied by a personalized follow-up, beginning with a naturopathic assessment, guided by Bach flowers or bio resonance, and a deep listening to find its bearings and the serenity necessary for natural fulfillment.



Emotions and the lost 

Cross and accept the hours of solitude, absence, emptiness and learn to rebuild, see the measures to take, to watch life from another angle, to widen this angle and to welcome new things and opportunities that allows the Self Line thanks to the Bach Flowers and the bio resonance (with rayonex device).



Emotions and Body


The decision to change appearance occurs naturally when we work on the transformation of our emotions, and the Self Line accompanies people wishing to lose weight through bio resonance and Bach Flowers.



Addiction and Emotions

We become compulsive and addicted under the pressure of our messy emotions and when we realize it halfway is done. The Self Line accompanies in a specific way one who is determined to detach himself naturally from all sorts of nuisances (substances, games, people) thanks to Bach's flowers and bio resonance.



Emotions and Company

A company succeeds with its employees. Each of the human beings who compose the company should be able to give the best of himself to his employer by being recognized at its true value, heard for the advice he can provide in the development of projects, be valued to allow his own creativity. The Self Line offers a set of hours of presence in the company to welcome and hear the staff, value and refine the employer-employee relationship leading to improved working conditions, a real benefit for the company and the company's employer.

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